My Heroes Would Never–

Start working on a car at 6pm after the heroine has spent an entire afternoon digging a garden and just wants to go in, get showered and have dinner. I was out until after 7pm while DH installed new headlights in his truck. Sheesh. Can’t we do this tomorrow??

Yes, got about 1/3rd of a garden dug at my mom’s and now I’m very sore. Got to go back today and continue. It’s a little late to do this, but had to wait for the ground to thaw enough. We’ll have beautiful veggies in no time!

I submitted Forever Home to L & L Dreamspell this morning. I’ve heard good things about them. Wish I could’ve sent an entire chapter, but they only want about 5K for a sample and my chapter 1 is 7k. My fingers are yet again crossed.

And I have to get my Kensington submission ready again and hope this time it doesn’t disappear. In the meantime I need something exciting to write. Need a break from the other manuscript. I have a few ideas.

But first, dirt and more dirt. And a few worms.


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