Time Management

It’s a talent far above my abilities.

I read my friend’s blogs and Facebooks about how busy they are with everything, writing, maintaining their websites, involving themselves in contests, blog tours, interviews and anniversaries and I’m having trouble getting my story out of me. I’m too easily distracted by other things and definitely don’t use my time wisely. Pair that with the fact it seems like I’m constantly on the go, and I sometimes wonder if I even have the dedication to what I’m doing.

I absolutely love to write. I want nothing more than to have a decent career, or heck, even a hobby, as a writer, but I just can’t seem to pull it together to get involved like these other ladies do. Maybe I need to attend a few marketing classes, or just get ideas from other blogs. Something has to give, though.


My DD had a good time at the fair. I was on my feet almost constantly for Saturday and Sunday, but got to see the horse show and the kids got to ride on a few rides. DD showed her chicken on Sunday and Bubbles won Best In Class in the pet category. She’s a little dove gray Old English Bantam and very sweet. So it was a good weekend. But DD was eying the horses. That’s what she really wants to do. I’d love to give her the opportunity I had to ride, but right now it’s not a possibility. Now she wants to get a job at a stable and work for lessons. I’m hoping.


I’ll be dogsitting for the next week or so starting Wednesday. That means no internet. I’ll check up on it after work, but for most of my time away from work I’ll be completely unconnected. But I’ll bring my lap top and get tons of writing done! Tons and tons.

And maybe come up with some marketting ideas. I have to get pictures, text and music for a new book video for one of my previous books.

But for now I’ll leav you with Sweet Forever


3 thoughts on “Time Management

  1. I suck at promotion. Seriously. Partly because the LASR site keeps me so freaking busy.Write down what you want to do. Allot a particular amount of time each day to do stuff:15 mins Facebook15 mins Myspace20 mins Yahoo group promoEtc.Good luck! you can do it!

  2. I understand because I have a new story I want to start but been busy with marketing. I want to get a lot out of the way since we are finally going on a vacation. Do what Marianne suggests or some authors have two days a week for promo stuff and the rest of the week they write. And I'm a slow writer so it's frustrating for me to try and do both. But we have to keep at it because we love writing.

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