Feels Like Winter

I really hate the time when we have to have the heat turned on on a regular basis. Might as well just grab fistfuls of money and throw it out the window. Sure, I love this time of the year in every other way, except the cold. And the knowledge that a long winter is ahead of us.

But other than that….

The time has arrived to get the kids ready for Halloween. My daughter wants to go trick or treating. She’s 13. Is this too old? I see older kids out there so I guess it’s not really. I’m sure at that age it’s more of a social thing. I didn’t trick or treat when I was that age, but then again I lived in the middle of nowhere so it wouldn’t have been worth it. I tried having a Halloween party once at an old cemetery in the woods. My friend and I chickened out and didn’t go…. to our own party. But I wasn’t exactly cool back then so I don’t think anyone else showed up either.

Still tossing around NaNoWriMo ideas. I’ll probably keep tossing until Oct 31st. Or longer. I would love to do a young adult story (and so would my daughter) but I have another story buzzing around.

What to do….

Anyone else have plans for NaNo? Started doing research? Character sketches?

Not me.

Need a little pick-me-up? This is a lousy copy of this video but I love it so…..


2 thoughts on “Feels Like Winter

  1. Might as well just grab fistfuls of money and throw it out the window.You're telling me!! ARGH.And NaNo… Still doing as many scene cards as I can. If I have enough of an idea where the story could go, I might actually try to tackle 1500 words a day. :::fingers crossed:::

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