Craft Projects

I don’t like craft projects, I’ve decided. My son and I are working on his wigwam for school. Not enjoying it at all. If it involved painting I’d be good with that. Beading, sure, why not. But working with birch bark, sinew and superglue is not for me.

It snowed yesterday. Lots and lots of fluffy white snow. It stunk. I’m not ready for this. I firmly believe that the first day of snow should come on December 24th. The last day of snow should be January 1st. Anything after that is just no fun. Maybe I need to win the lottery and buy a winter house somewhere warm and snowless.

What I fear the most, though, is another ice storm like the one we had last December. That was horrendous and expensive.

I’m hoping that at some point I’ll be able to get to some writing. As soon as the wigwam construction is finished. *sigh* This is not my forte.


One thought on “Craft Projects

  1. I don't miss the school projects at all. I really hated the science projects, too. I can't believe you already had snow – it's too early for that. Hope you got some writing in after the wigwam was finished!

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