What Sells Better?


Hope everyone had a marvelous holiday. Mine was good as always. My sister in law puts on a spread to die for. I don’t know she does it.

So, I’ve been very short on inspiration the last few days. Maybe it’s the commotion of having everyone home. They’re restless and therefore make me the same way. Could be that work has got me in a tizzy. Spent a half hour with my supervisor and the CEO at my desk the other day. Not fun. But whatever the reason, I just haven’t had the desire to do my editing. Or any other writing for that matter. I hate to say it, but Sims had more of a draw than my characters.

Then yesterday my daughter and I saw New Moon. Seeing Robert Pattison (or should I say Edward) made me want to check back in with my young adult fantasy that I started last year. It got me thinking, as I read it, about what is a better seller, a young adult fantasy or an “adult” fantasy (I’m not talking about erotica-that kind of fantasy, but the witches and dragons sort). I’m only about 22 pages into the story and I could go back and modify it to make it more for grown ups or I can take the path I’m on now and write it for teens.

What is the teen e-publishing market like? Sure I’d rather have it published in book form, but I like to keep my options open.

Sometimes I have a strong desire to be the next Stephanie Meyer instead of Nora.

Har har har.

Okay the troops are awakening. Time to get down to business.


One thought on “What Sells Better?

  1. I know my DD reads more than I do anymore — and she loves a good fantasy. I think if you can get rabid fan-teens on your side, it's a good thing. Also, adults will read YA books (I know I do). Do teens read adult fantasy? (I know I did as a kid – ala Dragonriders of Pern).It's a conundrum.

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