Character Development, Careers and Contests

Welcome to Day #5 of Denise Robbins Connect The Dots book launch! I was thrilled that Denise asked me to be involved in the fun. There are prizes galore every day! I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour.

The last few days I’ve been stewing about character development. I tend to like to put a lot of details into my writing, lots of narrative, maybe too much narrative and I’ve discovered that sometimes I spend so much time on my surroundings that I forgot to develop my characters just as much. So I pulled out a book on writing and stared at it.

And stared.

And looked at one of my manuscripts and then back at the book. When I first started out I had a book on getting published. I read that thing cover to cover and back again. Since then I haven’t been much for books, but I wonder, are they a resource that should be tapped in times of trouble? Will they show me the err of my ways, or am I better off figuring it out on my own.

I’ve looked back at past characters that people have liked, and wonder why them? The sweet, the romantic and the troubled. As a writer is it a good idea to stick with “what I know” or branch out into the unknown? I’m all for branching out.

Turns out I didn’t read the book. It’s still on my desk. I may read it, but I feel better with coming up with a solution on my own. Besides, I had other things to worry about, like researching a few things about one of my latest characters careers. He’s a small town police chief but he’s just returned from war. Since I don’t know too many people personally who’ve been there, it was a little more challenging. But again, it all comes down to character development. The more I know, the more defined my hero will be.

Of course he doesn’t have to be a vet. Maybe he could be an encyclopedia salesman. Out on the road for weeks at a time. How important is the job the character holds down anyway? Can he get away with holding down a mundane job, like the owner of a environmental safety equipment company and still be dashing, dangerous and sexy?

If you want excitement I highly recommend Denise Robbins books. She has a flair for writing fast paced, suspenseful and thorougly romantic stories.

Here’s a glimpse into her latest, Connect The Dots, which comes out December 15th.

CIA Human Intelligence Operator, Charley Duston gets the shock of her life when she opens her freezer to find the picture of her murdered ex-lover. Worse is the implied message: She is next. Not one to give into intimidation tactics, Charley is determined to uncover the truth behind her ex’s death and bring the culprits to justice. Not knowing whom she can trust, she moves to an undisclosed location where she can covertly investigate the death threats. Here she meets her new neighbor Jake Frisbie at gunpoint when she mistakes him for a carjacker. Attracted to the handsome, easy-going hunk, Charley knows her relationship with Jake would only put him in danger. She tries to fight off her feelings but finally gives in just before her world crashes and she is kidnapped
The beautiful, new neighbor entrances Jake but he can make no sense of her secretive nocturnal disappearances. As a Special Agent, he investigates her and is shocked to learn she is at the center of an international crisis. Despite common sense, he becomes involved with the young woman and when she disappears, he vows to find her. Risking his life, Jake ventures into the world of black sites and international intrigue to save the woman he loves and expose the responsible criminals. No matter how high up in the government they sit.

I know, you’ve been dying to know the answer to yesterdays question. So here you go…. Human Intelligence Officer (wow, that does sound very cool).

And your question of the day is………. Who is the hero of Connect the Dots? Give his first and last name. How did Denise come up with the hero’s last name?

Remember to go to Denises blog at and leave the answer on her blog to win great prizes.

And for the answer to today’s question please head over to on Sunday morning.



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