Worms On The Sidewalk

This is how I know spring is here. It rained and rained yesterday. When I went out to my car the pavement was covered with worms. I knew spring had truly arrived. I just hate the thought of running over the little guys.

So, I’m still waiting to hear back from one publisher, but I have about a month to go before I can expect an answer on That Kind of Magic. It’s okay. Most of the time I don’t think about it.
In the meantime I sent another story out to a different publisher and I’m in the process of chopping words out of Forever Home so I can send it to Harlequin. Only 7000 words to go!!
I’m so ready to move onto something new, but I really have too many unfinished projects that need my attention. Wish I could settle down with one and see it through without any distraction!

Unfortunately there’s work and things that get in my way.


One thought on “Worms On The Sidewalk

  1. In the spring, we keep a jar in the car with us, and collect worms after it rains wherever we go… lol… DD has fits if we squish them. I'm not too keen on it either. Good luck with your sub!!

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