New Website

I’ve been unhappy with my website for a very long time. A)it’s boring to look at. There’s absolutely no wow factor at all. And B)I have no idea how to fix it up. I’m sure if I sit down with a book for dummies and my husband telling me what to do, I could figure it out over time. But I have neither the book or the time to sit down.

So I decided to take a different direction and try a new program. Weebly.

I solved one problem. I have no problem setting things up on this program. It’s basically a drag and drop program that my ten year old could do. I have up to 6 pages I can work with, which seems enough.

Problem is it’s still kind of boring.

But I have all the links and book info up on it and I can add whenever I want instead of waiting for DH to do it.

So, what I have to do now is work on graphics and see if I can give it that wow factor that way. Maybe I can load a new background too. There is a way to work with html as well.

And I have a new blog there too.

So, check out my new website at and give my new blog a try. I’m hoping that this will work out, though I’m keeping my options open. Could be something better out there!

And thanks to Marianne for the offer of help. You may regret it 🙂


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