HAPPY HALLOWEEN and other things

I love Halloween. It’s one of my favorite holidays, especially as an adult because it’s almost 100% stressfree. Just pick out a costume, and take the kids trick or treating. No huge meals to plan, no long drives to relatives, no getting months in debt so everyone gets a present. It’s perfect!

It’s also the day before NaNoWriMo!

Tomorrow morning I’ll be up at my insane time of 4am, settled at the keyboard ready to go. I’ve decided to do a complete rewrite of Dreamer’s Sea, a story I wrote years ago. I loved it but it was duller than dirt. So it’s going to be revamped with a curse, some ghosts, maybe a possession or two and I’ll be good to go. Tonight I think I’ll do a collage to give me inspiration. I’m going to, however, make this a sex-free story. Yes folks, none at all. I have no idea how well it would sell in this world of erotica, but I want to go this direction this time. The original didn’t have any so I’m going to stick with that. Helps that my heroine is pregnant throughout most of the book.

In other news I received yet another awesome review of Best Man the other day! This from Night Owl Reviews:

Ceri Hebert takes the reader and her characters from the lowest of lowest emotions to the most satisfying and fulfilling in a concise but clearly descriptive manner… Betrayal and humiliation are bold character s in this story, but Ceri Hebert brings them in and turns them on with excellent results that will leave you cheering in the end for the “Best Man”.”

It received a 4.75 (out of 5) Star rating and it’s a Night Owl Review Top Pick



So everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween!!


One thought on “HAPPY HALLOWEEN and other things

  1. No sex doesn't mean no sexual tension … "Kitchen Matches" has no fully consummated sex scenes and has sold more copies than anything else I've writte (even hit the bestseller list at MBaM).Good Luck!!!

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