Too Perfect

That’s what the editor said about my heroine in the manuscript I sent her. Like the girl in high school who gets straight A’s, is head cheerleader and prom queen. But is super nice, likes little kids, works as a candy striper at the local nursing home….etc etc etc…

Okay, so maybe not that bad. But I have to admit that, yah, she is pretty perfect. Usually I throw a few flaws my character’s way. So where did I go wrong here? She doesn’t have a lot in the way of insecurities and is pretty accomplished for one so young.

So what do I do about it? I’ve put a lot of time into this manuscript, but it’s a story that I really really like. Do I take it a part and give her flaws? Well, yah, I’d do that. I’d have to. But do I really want to right now.

How much time should be vested in a manuscript? I don’t want to shelve it forever, but I have so many others that need my time.

So, I guess what I’ll do is put it on a shelf for now. Think on it, think what I want to remove, how I want to change her so she’s still the spunky, fearless heroine who’ll go after the guy she’s been in love with forever. And I’ll work on one of my other manuscripts.

And remind myself that my best characters are flawed.


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