NaNo, Finally Home, Sapphire Blue Publishing and Best Laid Plans

I’m up to 9000+ words on Dreamers’s Sea, my NaNo project but I have a feeling the brakes will be applied soon. Not for a bad reason.

I heard from my editor for Finally Home and I should be receiving my first round of edits sometime in about a week. I’m super excited about doing this, giving Finally Home, a story that I started when I was sixteen years old and had published with Whiskey Creek Press in 2007, another chance to be seen and enjoyed.

I’m still waiting for my release date for Do Overs. That should  be any time now. Aaaany time.

I must say I really enjoy working with the editors over at Sapphire Blue.

Anyway, Dreamer’s Sea will not be forgotten even if it is moved to the back of the burner. I love a good paranormal and I’m determined to one day have it published!



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