Switching Writing Projects In Mid Stride

Don’t you hate when you have a project in front of you, and it’s a good project, a project you’ve wanted to write for a long time, or a project you’ve been working on for a long time and suddenly you see a movie, hear some music or something like that and BOOM you want to work on something else?

Yah, that happened to me last night. NaNo is no time to be getting these urges, but it did. The trigger? A You Tube video of a Loreena McKennitt song. I’ve been listening to a lot of Celtic music as I write my NaNo piece. It takes place on the coast of Maine and the music seemed to fit. Then I wanted to see a video of one of her songs.

That’s all it took. Now I want to put aside my Maine coast story (which I love, btw) and work on another story which I’ve wanted to finish forever (well, nearly 20 years since I wrote the original story, but I’ve changed it up a lot).

Now, add to this the fact that in a week or so I’m going to be getting back my first round of edits from my Sapphire Blue Publishing editor for Finally Home, so all other writing projects are going to come to a screeching halt at that point.

So what to do what to do what to do?  Give up on my NaNo project and put the Maine coast paranormal back into its folder for another day and work on my fantasy story (which is turning out to be a young adult story-didn’t start out that way, but it is now) or forget my urges and keep plowing on with the one I SHOULD be working on?

What would you do?


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