Unexpected Changes and Wrenches In The Works

Never make plans…. .God laughs.

Well, Friday He must have been yukkin’ it up but good.  No, I doubt He was.  I don’t think He laughs when things go wrong.

Anyway, Friday we had a bit of a startle. An email from my publisher, Sapphire Blue Publishing. Not one a writer wants to get. Sapphire Blue is closing it’s doors due to personal reasons (as opposed to financial reasons).

So, that means that Best Man, Do Overs and Finally Home have no home.  I was so disappointed! All that hard work the editors and I put in to make these stories the best they could be all for nothing. Well, not for nothing because I have some pretty darn good manuscripts ready to go.

Now I’ve had a few days to process, I can say that working with Sapphire Blue this past year has been a pleasure to work with. I’ve heard nothing but good things from the other authors, even after this out of the blue announcement. I appreciate that everything went smoothly in this unfortunate closing.

Sapphire Blue shall be missed. I’ve officially taken Best Man down off my website as well as the announcement for Do Overs.  I know this isn’t the end of either story, and I hope I can put them up again soon.



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