YESTERDAY’S TOMORROW~Coming Soon From Still Moment’s Publishing

  I just received my cover for Yesterday’s Tomorrow (previously known as Do Overs).  I love it!   We have a      tentative release date of January 23rd, but I’ll announce it when it is firmed up.  In the meantime I can enjoy the beautiful cover that has been designed by the talented ladies over at Still Moment Publishing.


 I’ve been taking a crash course in self publishing and I’m not sure I’m ready to get one of my manuscripts loaded up to go. Everyone recommends professional editors etc and at this point I can’t afford it. Maybe when I make a few thousand dollars it might be an option. But I sure do like the way the self published authors make it sound! 

In the mean time I’ll plug away with what I have. I have lots of editing to do on the manuscripts I do have done. Just need the time to concentrate so I can get them done!!


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