Now Available from Still Moments Publishing: Yesterday’s Tomorrow

What would you do if life gave you another chance to go back and get it right?

No one needs a mental health day more than forty-four year old Lila Weidner, but when the overworked HR director wakes up in her twenty-three year old body, she’s left wondering what is going on. Where is her life as a successful business woman? Where is her equally successful husband? And how is she going to maneuver through the day in order to stay on the same path she followed over twenty years earlier? Lila soon rediscovers old dreams and old friendships that she left behind and wonders if this is her chance for another shot at a truly fulfilling life. Does she dare to step off her original path and allow yesterday to become her new tomorrow?

What a good way to start the day! My short story, Yesteday’s Tomorrow was released today from Still Moments Publishing! I’m very excited!  And as if that weren’t enough, I also have a review on it!

Review – Yesterday’s Tomorrow

 Yesterday’s Tomorrow by Ceri Hebert reads like a dream. In what could have been a very overdone fantasy romance, Hebert gives a fresh take. I was immediately pulled into the story and found it difficult to put it down. Not only does Lila not know how long this is going to last, but she also is dis-satisfied with her older life and has to decide if she is going to make any changes. Forty-six pages later, my heart sank when the story was over, even though Lila had her happy ending.

Lila Weidner wakes up one morning in another time twenty years earlier in her life. What makes the story interesting is that she retains her memory of her older self. This only complicates matters as Lila comes to term with her own choices so many years ago, and whether she will change her future. The heroine is refreshing as she takes responsibility for the choices she makes. She doesn’t whine about the consequences. She ultimately makes the right choice without knowing when or if she’s ever going to return to her former life.

Hebert doesn’t weigh the story down with explanations about how the fantasy occurred, which keeps the tension high. It was fun and easy to read. I wanted to spend more time with Lila. I hope to see more stories from Hebert.
Review By Dawn Brotherton


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