Well, the last few hours anyway.  I lay there in bed thinking of the current manuscript I’m sending through my critique group. It’s a manuscript I’ve been working on for a while, a story that I really really love. I have a big element that I need to take out (and it’s been like surgery to remove the bits and pieces that no longer work) and now I need to transplant the new sections.

It’s kept me awake since about 3am. Finally around 5:30 I gave in and came downstairs.  Who needs sleep anyway?

How many writers get up at odd hours, either when they have a problem with their story they’re trying to work through and sleep is evasive, or if they’re woken up with a brilliant plot twist or line of dialogue. Would you rather stay in your warm and cozy bed and try to get a few more hours or get right down to that keyboard before the idea is gone?

So, here I am, awake, wishing I had a big, steaming cup of black coffee, about to open the document up and try to figure out how to seamlessly add in the new plot element.




  1. I’ve so been there, Ceri! Usually mine doesn’t wake me, but it keeps me from going to sleep, or worse, keeps me from really sleeping when I do. I’m sure your work and lack of sleep will prove beneficial in the end and I can’t wait to find tome to read your chapters. Good morning!

    1. Well, I certainly didn’t make any headway on it this morning LOL. So I’m working on No Going Back, just getting the edits taken care of so it can finally be finished. But my brain is still on Forever Home and added that plot line in.

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