I’m new to this, but I’m participating in Six Sentence Sunday with a bunch of other awesome authors.

My six sentences are from my work in progress “Siren’s Song”.


Iona Killian didn’t have an ounce of it in her blood, not one square inch of it in her body and she wasn’t at all ashamed to admit it.

When she left home on that balmy June evening at the age of sixteen, her mother yelled out the screen door that she was a taker and always would be. Never mind any of the other sins that had been committed inside those walls for nearly four years before she broke free, being labeled a taker was all that mattered. A user and a taker. It was a hell of a badge to wear, but Iona knew that her mother was right and she didn’t apologize for it.

I hope you visit the other authors who posted


19 thoughts on “SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY

    1. Thanks Christine. I’m hoping that I can work more on this manuscript. It’s meant to be the first story in a trilogy. If I can just get these other manuscripts finished!

      I can see why this SSS is addicting!

  1. Powerful 6! I immediately got an intense feeling of what her home life must have been like to cause her to think this way and her defiance in being okay with being labeled a taker and the irony too, after all she’d endured. obviously she had to take what little she could get… So much in 6 sentences!

    Welcome to SSS!

  2. I immediately liked Iona. She’s strong but flawed, which makes for a terrific heroine and absorbing storyline. Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! And thank you for reading my excerpt, Ceri! πŸ™‚ Really appreciated!

    1. Flawed heroine’s are my favorite, Ryan. Thanks so much for the compliment and stopping in. Reading all these comments is getting me inspired to continue on with this story. Thanks for the welcome and hope to participate more frequently.

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