Good Morning all! Happy Good Friday and an early Happy Easter! I hope the weather will cooperate with all you Easter Egg hunters.

Today’s recipe takes commitment. It’s not a quick thing to make, but it’s definitely worth the wait!


First, some rules: DO NOT USE A METAL SPOON OR BOWL!  We have a plastic cake cover/container that we use. Whatever you use, it has to be at least a gallon, either can be a glass or plastic bowl as long as it has a secure cover)


sugar (lots and lots of sugar)
1 lg can sliced peaches
1 lg can chunk pineapple
1lg can fruit cocktail
1 10 oz jar maraschino cherries
yellow cake mix (without pudding)
2/3 cup veggie oil
4 eggs
3rd of the fruit when it comes to make cake
1 sm packet instant vanilla pudding
1 cup chopped nuts (optional)

Triple cake mix, oil, eggs, and pudding if you want to make 3 cakes.

DAY 1:   Add yeast, 2 1/2 cups sugar, 1 large can sliced peaches and its juices into 1 gallon jar or large plastic or glass dish that can be covered (tupperware or a koolaid container would work. Leave on counter.  Stir daily.

DAY 10: Add another 2 1/2 cups sugar and 1 large can chunk pineapple and its juices.  Stir daily.

DAY 20: Add another 2 1/2 cups sugar and 1 large can fruit cocktail and its juices and 1 10 oz jar maraschino cherries and juices. Stir daily.

DAY 30: Drain fruit from the liquid (put liquid aside). Divide fruit into three equal parts to make 3 cakes.

Grease and flour cake pans. If using a tube or bunt cake pan preheat oven to 350 and bake for 50-60 minutes. Bake cake per instructions on box, adding fruit to batter.

Divide liquid into equal parts and give, with recipe, to friends. This will be the starter juice to the next batch. Never refrigerate the liquid. It’ll kill the yeast. Do not refrigerate the fruit mix during the 30 days. Cakes can be frozen though. When you stir the starter it should foam or be bubbly-that way you know the yeast is active.

Enjoy! The cakes are awesome!!


8 thoughts on “GOOD FOOD FRIDAY

  1. WOW…I don’t know if my attention span is that long…lol

    Sounds like an interesting project though….I’ll have to pass this along to my daughter…sounds like something she might give a whirl. Thanks for sharing Ceri!

  2. Interesting recipe. I did it myself years ago when I had a different life, lol. Don’t think I would even try it now. I would probably lose the thing somewhere in this mess I deal with on a daily basis. Lol. Happy Easter.

    1. LOL We usually shelf ours, put it away somewhere where it’s not right in the way. Luckily my husband has a better memory than I do about this thing.

      Happy Easter!

  3. Ceri that sound like a really good cake. Thanks for the recipe. Ill have to go get me a big plastic bowl.

    1. We like using a cake container, the kind with a base that you set the cake on and a tall cover that snaps over it. We just turn it upside down and voila! Works perfectly! Hope you enjoy it!

    1. A science project!!! And I have to tell ya, it really smells good while the fruit is fermenting LOL And when you’re done with it you can share the juice with friends so they can make their own!

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