First of all, shout out to a friend who made SSS possible today. Thanks!!!

And welcome to another installment of SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY!  Let the fun begin!

I went to see Hunger Games last night. It was a really good movie. I’ve read the series and loved it. Makes me want to write a young adult story. Not sure how I’d do.

I decided on a sentence from a YA that I was working on. Of course this could easily be changed into an adult novel (no, not one of thooossseee adult novels)


The wine must have gone to my head for Rowan McLlyr did not seem as fierce as I believed him once the spirits took hold of me. I glared at him, daring to prod at his current good nature with my newly found, and no doubt false courage.

 “You are not so frightening,” I told him boldly. “Not so much like the wolf you are fabled to be.”

 Indeed a smile slipped over his face and I swear there was a gleam in his eyes. A gleam of humor.


See everyone next week!  And don’t forget to go over to Six Sentence Sunday to check out the other sentences!



    1. I started this story (or the one this has spawned from) over 20 years ago. It’s my dream manuscript. Certainly more challenging than the others I’ve done. 🙂

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