Happy Tuesday!  I’m pleased to have my fellow Still Moments Publishing author Darlene Henderson here with me today!

CERI: Welcome to my blog Darlene!  Tell everyone a little bit about yourself.

DARLENE: I live on the Gulf Coast of Florida with my son.  I’m a single mom about to face an empty nest when my son goes to college in the fall.  My day job is as a paralegal.  In my spare time I volunteer at my Church with my son’s Boy Scout Troop and the American Cancer Society.  When not otherwise occupied I write, my stories are on the sweet side and with a Southern flair.  I’ve had several short stories published and two more coming soon from Still Moments Publishing

CERI: You sound like a busy woman! I have a 4 kids in the house so I don’t have to worry about empty nest for another 6 years, but I’m faced with the chance that my oldest might be leaving the nest soon. It’s very emotional. I wish you well. When did you first start writing?

DARLENE: I started writing when I was in elementary school.  I dabbled at it through high school and put it aside for years.  About three years ago my friend Sherry Chancellor challenged me to write a Dark and Stormy Night story to submit to a publisher she had found.  I wrote it and that story “The Train” was published by Whortleberry Press.

CERI: That sounds familiar! Just like me. Once bitten by the writing bug it’s nearly impossible to get over it. I know I can’t. When you do get a chance to write, what does your writing area look like?

DARLENE: Wherever I am.  Right now it’s the living room of the house where I am housesitting.  Often times it’s my sofa.  But I write wherever I can I find the time.

CERI: That’s the main thing. Write where you can, when you can. I try to keep a notebook with me wherever I am. Where do you get your inspirations for your stories?

DARLENE: Anywhere and everywhere.  My story Dog Day Afternoons coming out with Still Moments Publishing later this month came from a call for submissions and the help of my friend Sherry.  My next Still Moments story coming out in June, Always a Bride came from a billboard for a bridal fair.  I just never know where or when the next idea will come.

CERI: A billboard? Now that’s a new one! Very cool! What do you like to do besides write?

DARLENE: Like most writers I love to read.  I like movies.  I’m a big Nascar fan and hope to write a Nascar Romance someday soon.  I am involved with my son’s Boy Scout Troop. 

CERI: Even up here in New Hampshire Nascar is huge. I’ve never been to a race, but we have a track about an hour away. Draws quite the crowd. Okay, now could you answer the following?

Favorite animal: Cat
Favorite comfort food: Chicken and Dumplings
Spring, summer, autumn or winter? Spring
Favorite book: Gone With the Wind
Favorite movie: Gone With the Wind
If you weren’t a writer, what would you want to do? What I’m doing now, I’m a paralegal
Best vacation ever: Racing Weekends

Now let’s hear about your book, Dog Day Afternoons, which is a part of the Unleashed Hearts anthology available soon from Still Moments Publishing

Book description:

When Buster gets tired of waiting at the door, he takes matters into his own paws and leads Jessica to her teen idol’s front door step. Ewan’s lost his passion for music, but a budding relationship with Jessica helps him compose a new song on paper and his heart as well.


When Jessica Beck’s dog nearly runs over the rock idol of her youth, it’s her childhood fantasy come true. There’s just one problem, she’s not a child anymore, she’s a grown woman with grown-up fantasies. Going through an ugly highly publicized divorce Ewan Kelley is hiding out on the Florida Gulf Coast when he meets Jessica, a young widow who brings music and happiness back to his life. Can Jessica and Ewan overcome their issues as they spend Dog Day Afternoons together?

How do we find you?

Thanks so much for stopping in, Darlene!  It was awesome having you here!



  1. Hi Darlene and Ceri….great interview. It was fun to learn about you and your writing journey. I always find it interesting to hear how other authors got started and how they write. Love the premise of your book, sounds like a heart-felt story.

  2. Thanks Ceri for having me and Christine thanks for dropping by and saying hello. It was a fun story to write, it was one of those things that once I got in the grove I knew it was meant to be.

  3. Congrats Darlene! This sounds like a story I would write! Oh- wait, I have! In my younger days, and my teen idols were still chart toppers then. Those stories are long gone now, but never forgotten. Ah the minds of youth. I love growing up stories. Or would that be grown up stories?? Either way, good luck and it’s nice to have you on the team.

    1. Thanks so much. I loved reconnecting with those teen years, that are further behind me than I care to admit, for inspiration. I’m so glad to be part of the Still Moments team.

    1. Ally thanks. The dog in this story was based on a dear friend’s dog who came across as quite a beast until you got to know him. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Nice interview, ladies.
    Darlene, I like the premises of your book. Dogs do bring people together!
    Good luck on your sales, it was fun getting to know you.

    1. Neecy, thanks for visiting. I did have help with the premise. I wasn’t sure what to do with the Dog and a good friend gave me the idea.
      It was a joy to write this story and I hope it as much fun to read.

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