HAPPY SUNDAY!  I really love doing Six Sentence Sunday. Love reading other sentences and love hearing feedback on what I post. I appreciate it!

Today I’m going to stick with the wip I posted from last week, the fantasy I want to finish.


If I told them no they would have become suspicious. They would want to know why. They would dig and dig until they discovered I was not who they thought I was.

I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to purge the nightmarish vision from my head, but all I could see was Hamish, bound to the tree, the two monstrous dogs going at him. And of course my arm around the tall woman, my knife pressed into her throat.

Would I pull the blade across her flesh?

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22 thoughts on “SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY-04/15/12

      1. Sadly, this isn’t one I’ve sent to the group. It’s not even close to being finished. Maybe I’ll have to work on it. Thanks Calisa!

  1. This excerpt is going to give me nightmares! Is it a dream or really happening. Don’t pull a Don Draper on us! Lol.

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