Another post from my Samhain Publishing release Where One Road Leads.

Last Sunday Matt and Krista were face to face for the first time in years. And Matt was none too happy about it. But seeing Krista’s scars reminded him that the accident that took three lives didn’t leave her unscathed.

Here’s more from that scene.

The last time he and Krista had words, she’d been in tears, begging for him to believe her, that it wasn’t just her fault. She’d been a scared, hurt girl, the damage to her body fresh, and he hadn’t cared a bit for her because she had been the one behind the wheel. She had taken away three lives, one of which was his own flesh and blood.

Now she was a woman. A strong woman and he could tell she wasn’t going to be looking for any forgiveness from him. Now it seemed she was the one who didn’t care.

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13 thoughts on “SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY-MAY 6, 2012

  1. You’ve introduced characters who are about to experience growth and change. Good six, Ceri!

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