I’ve decided to do a Friday post that has a little more to do with writing than recipes. I’m actually “borrowing” this idea from one of my crit partners, though I once had a writers group where we always did writing prompts throughout the week, whether they be from photos, a list of word or just the beginning line to pick up on.  I love writing prompts. I’ve had complete manuscripts come from simple prompts. If nothing else, they can get the juices flowing. You never know what you can come up with.

So welcome to Finish This Sentence Friday!

Rules are simple. Just finish the sentence. You could do one sentence or if you’re feeling extra creative do more. A paragraph. 5 paragraphs! The more the better!

Today’s sentence is:

She looked into the box and was shocked to see–

There ya go!  I’m looking forward to seeing what people come up with.

Everyone have a great day and see ya’ll for Six Sentence Sunday!



14 thoughts on “FINISH THIS SENTENCE…

  1. the pearl necklace that had belonged to her mother. The one she remembered from her childhood. The one she’d always been warned not to touch. The smooth white pearl lay nestled in a glorious bed of red velvet. What an amazing eighteenth birthday present.

  2. This will be fun, Ceri! Great one, Christine.

    …the dried finger she’d been looking for. Dang cat. “Horace! I told you to stay out of my spell box!” Not to find the darn frog’s ear her aunt warned her not to lose…and which she had.

  3. …nothing! Not only did Brad run off with her best friend, it appeared he took all her money with him, too.

  4. her mother’s engagement ring, the ring her mother said she’d sold following the divorce. The ring that had been in her father’s family for generations. She’d spent countless hours searching every pawn shop within driving distance, and the ring had been here all along.

  5. Okay, here’s mine.

    … infant wrapped in a green terry cloth towel. The baby couldn’t have been more than a few hours old, but it kicked and swung it’s tiny arms around, it’s face red with crying.

  6. a box of life’s chocolates. A full box of wonderful visions of sweet days gone by and adventures and dreams to be. The box had never been open before, yet there are four missing, what life lessons did their centers hold? A bird just then flew into the window startling young elizabeth caused her to drop the box, Is it important that each piece be returned to its proper place?

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