Well, it’s been a busy week. Trying to put together a short story for my publisher, polishing and submitting a full length to another publisher, work work work and recovering from my fall down the stairs nearly a MONTH ago.  Who knew a tailbone would take so long to heal.

So, here it is, Friday yet again. I hope everyone had a good week.

Today’s sentence is……

I could barely move, not even enough to……

To what?  Write as little or as much as you want.

Have a great weekend and see you on Sunday for Six Sentence Sunday!



  1. lift my arm. Where was I? The sickening smell of flowers surrounded me, soft material tickled my hands. Dark. So dark. There wasn’t enough air, and panic shot through me. Why couldn’t I remember where I was, and how I got here?
    My eyes adjusted to the dark enough to look above my head, and alongside my body.

    Oh my god. I was in a coffin!

  2. Feeling utterly disapointed and left wondering, “how could my good friend eat one of my choclates left in the majical box?, I felt the need to satisify that familuair empty pit in my stomach. I reached for the chocolate box in hopes to escape for a brief moment, there was the perfect morsel, a moon shaped candy, with lavender frosting, the sweetness on my lips was just the reaction I hoped for, I took another bite suddenly, I could barely move, not even enough to finsh swallowing my last bite. My heart felt heavy and slow, yet my mind was clear and the room was warm with the scent of lavender. What was in this chocolate?

    Hey Boo, I’m so proud of your great work and enjoy visiting your site, i love you much and send a prayer to Jims brother on this day, love ya

    1. ((((Lesley))) I think you should be the writer! You’re really good! Hope you are all well. We went to visit Chris today. It’s been so long. (((((hugs to you, David and Olivia)))))) Love ya’ll!

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