Well, survived another wet week in New Hampshire. I sure wish we could send this rain to where it’s needed, like Colorado. But at least everything is lush and we don’t have to worry about wells going dry.

Welcome to another Finish The Sentence Friday–and it’s actually Friday this time (my apologies for last week’s mishap. I was a day ahead of myself).

So, today’s sentence is:

She squeezed her eyes shut, praying that it was only her imagination, but when she opened them again……

So, there ya go. Have fun! See ya’ll Sunday!



  1. he was still there. her heart started to beat faster, her mouth went dry. she tried to swallow, she tried to speak but no sound came out, she was literally struck dumb by fear. then she did speak, ‘what… are you doing here?’ the figure stood over her, the moonlight making it a shadow, said nothing just stood looking down at her. the silence and the waiting seemed to go on forever but was probably a matter of minutes. Then he spoke. ‘I told you I would never let you go’
    he was closer now and she could make out his features. there was no mistaking who it was and she felt prickly heat and cold spots travel about her body. his hand was on hers now, she had the other hand free and she was now sat bolt upright with fear, she tried to struggle her trapped hand free but he made her whince as he put all his weight on it, leaning closer to her, his other hand reached out and grabbed her other hand. she could see no way out…

  2. This sounds like the new scene I’m working on in pre edits for Risk Factor so I’ll go with it…

    with hope he’d vanished. Peeking, bottom teeth worried her lower lip. No such luck. The herculean man still stood surveying her.

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