Another Sunday. Another busy busy day at the end of another busy busy weekend. I’m ready to just stay home and relax! 

Anyhow, here’s another six from my WIP Going Going Gone where we meet the hero in the story. Enjoy!

It couldn’t be. The pleasure she’d been feeling died quickly when the next man took the stage. He’d been a hunk in high school, tall, dark hair always cut to perfection, the jock who had the world tucked into the back pocket of his tight fitting jeans.  Elijah was still a hunk, wearing his dress uniform, hair just as neat and dark as it had been back in school, brown eyes looking out at the crowd with confidence he wore so well.

 Then Isobel did something she vowed she’d never ever do since those painful old days.  She melted right there in her seat in a fit of raging, ill-aimed female hormones.  Over a person who was a part of the crowd that had systematically made her teenaged existence a misery.

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11 thoughts on “SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY-June 24th

  1. Oh, the unresolved feelings from high school. Yikes! This brings back memories. Good snippet!!

      1. It seemed like I always had a crush on someone already dating like the head cheerleader or prom queen.

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