Hello Monday, now go away. Yeah, I’m not a Monday person. Especially after an extremely busy weekend. My kids belong to 4H (poultry because the club is run from the middle school but they’ve been working with horse 4H groups this year) so we’re always running around doing activities it seems. This weekend it was a 2 day 4H Field Days with the horse clubs. One of my kids (and I’d designated driver for some other kids) were grooms. Yesterday it was driving my daughter to UNH for 3 day 4H Teen Conference.  I’m really glad they participate in this club. They’ll be working at the county fair and showing their chickens (Mini Hawk and Bruce Wayne) and might be all going down to Eastern States Expo (ie The Big E-an enormous New England state-like fair) to show off their other projects.

So, I’m tired.

But inspired.

Many of my stories include horses in some capacity. I’ve loved them since I was young and even though I haven’t ridden or owned a horse in over 20 years I still have a strong attachment to them, so this weekend–though hot and dusty–was wonderful, like stepping back in time to when I was a teen and competing at the Cheshire Fairgrounds. All I wanted was (besides a horse of my own) was a notebook to write all this down, all the memories, how I felt right then. I could write a story about a woman long separated from what she loved to do, remembering who she wanted to be when she was younger and how far away she was from those dreams. It was pretty powerful and I want to get this one started.

I talk to a lot of authors and ask where they get their inspirations. Songs, tv shows, conversations, even billboards. But have you ever gotten an inspiration so strong that you just couldn’t ignore it, that it hit you like a ton of bricks and lodged itself in your head and heart to the point you had no choice but to write about it?

I’d love to hear about it!

And remember, all commenters will be entered into my contest this week to win a copy of either Yesterday’s Tomorrow or The Better Man (both available from Still Moments Publishing)

Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “WHERE ARE YOUR STORY IDEAS COMING FROM? And contest time!

  1. What a great weekend activity, Ceri! I love my horse dearly, old though he is. Congrats on two releases this spring! What a way to begin your summer. 🙂

  2. My inspiration comes from different places – personal experiences, song lyrics, movies, other books. My current inspiration is from an ancient Russian winter festival I read about. It gave me a fabulous idea for a YA book. Too bad I don’t have time to write it now, but I outlined it so I won’t forget.

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