Digging Up The Past-And Another Giveaway Day

I was digging through a closet looking for a box of photographs but instead found about a dozen old notebooks filled with bits and pieces of stories, some going back as far as college.

God, they’re bad. LOL

I was hoping that maybe there’d be something that I could use now, but I don’t think there’s anything I can do with a story about a girl who was born in a primitive village cut off from the world… in Hawaii. I’m embarrassed. But at least I never gave up. At least I evolved.

So, now I have another huge stack of notebooks to deal with. No, I don’t throw them away. Who knows, maybe a hundred years down the road someone will find them and they’ll be worth a lot of money, because I’ll be a famous writer before I die.

So, what do you do with all of your old stories? Are you like me, do you have 30 years worth of creativity stashed away because you can’t bear to let them go? Do you ever look back through them and remember writing them–remember what inspired you to write them? Or just think “ugh. I can’t believe I wrote this!!!”

Don’t forget to comment so you can be entered into my ebook giveaway! Up for grabs either Yesterday’s Tomorrow or The Better Man both published by Still Moments Publishing.


2 thoughts on “Digging Up The Past-And Another Giveaway Day

  1. I think that’s totally cool that you found those after so long. That primitive village story sounded interesting, just maybe have to find a different place to set it in…besides hawaii. I never throw anything away either so don’t feel bad. I’m just so afraid I may need it some day as a reference, even tho I haven’t needed it in so many years lol.

    Great post!!!

    1. LOL I think it would be more appropriate to have her born in the Amazon. It was supposed to be one of those big epic books where the heroine grew up to have a bunch of lovers. LOL I started writing this in the days of Dynasty and Dallas etc. Loved a good soap opera. 😀

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