*checking calendar* Yup, it’s Friday. Had to make sure.

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! We’re closing in on the end of my e-book giveaway and I thank all the wonderful people who’ve stopped in and left comments this week. I appreciate it!  I’ll be announcing the winner on Monday. Winner will receive a copy of either Yesterday’s Tomorrow or The Better Man, both available at Still Moments Publishing.

Okay, for today’s writing prompt. Finish this sentence….


She was expecting so much more but instead she got…….


Have fun!



  1. half a sandwich made on week old bread. How come life continuously kicked her in the teeth. She stood tall, decision made. Now was the time to make the changes she’d been thinking about. Change started here and now. First on her list, quit this job that had taken her nowhere-ville. Second, pack up and leave this hick town and head for the bright lights of Broadway.

  2. a watered down drink. “Damn,” Myla Jackson muttered as she took another sip. “Next time I’m going to The Ugly Stick Saloon for my bloody Marys.”

    Little did Myla know, The Ugly Stick Saloon would become a huge part of her future. A destiny entwined with irrevocable consequences.

  3. jilted again. She’d been passed over again for a promotion she knew she deserved and had worked unbeleivably hard for. Life just wasn’t fair sometimes.

  4. stood up again. Instead of dinner and dancing with John, here she was watching a movie again on Friday night. She needed to do something to change her life and soon.

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