Six Sentence Sunday and Last Day of Giveaway

Happy Sunday and First Day of July. How can it be July already?? Doesn’t seem possible.

Anyway, I’ve got six sentences from my current WIP Going Going Gone.


"Say you’ll have dinner with me tonight," he murmured against her mouth. 

Leslie called again, her voice closer this time. 

Isobel pushed against Eli’s chest, but he wouldn’t budge.

"She’s going to find us here," she protested when Eli kissed her again, playfully nipping her jaw. She wanted to be outraged at his behavior, his forward manner and the way he assumed she’d fall over backwards for him. 

"Then say yes!" 

And remember, all commenters will be entered to win a copy of either Yesterday’s Tomorrow or The Better Man, both published by Still Moments Publishing.

Make sure you get to Six Sentence Sunday for more awesome entries!


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