Happy Sunday! Another week–albeit a short one–has passed. 

Another six sentences from my current WIP Going Going Gone. I’m hoping to finish it this weekend.  I’m thiiiiiiiiis close!


  “You look very handsome,” she said, her smile widening until he could see a dimple at the right corner of her mouth.  He longed to kiss it, and since that was more acceptable than undressing her where she stood, he leaned in and touched his lips to the side of her mouth.

   “And you are gorgeous,” he murmured against her mouth. 

   “Mmm.” Isobel made a content sound and leaned closer to him until her breasts brushed against his jacket.  The soft touch was enough to send the blood coursing right to his groin in expectation. 

Make sure you go to Six Sentence Sunday for more awesomeness!


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