Welcome to another Sunday. Today I’ve posted another six from my WIP Going Going Gone.


As soon as Elijah heard the splash he whipped around, not even considering the fact that Isobel had asked him not to.  But the woman was no longer standing on the dock.  Her clothes were in a pile at the edge, though, and within moments he could make out her head coming out of the water.

His first instinct was just to be dumbfounded.  She didn’t seem to be the skinny dipping kind, but unless she wore a bathing suit under her bra and underwear, that was exactly what she was doing.  His next instinct was to join her.

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7 thoughts on “SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY-July 15th

  1. What is his problem? Get in the water Eli! 😆 Love it Ceri. Oh and my brother played ‘finish the sentence’ last Friday and had a blast! He posted on my fb, but he played. 🙂

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