Did everyone have a good week?  I hope so.  Glad you’re back to check in on Isobel and Eli’s progress in Going Going Gone. Last week we were left wondering if Eli was going to join Isobel in a little skinny dipping. Well, yah, of course he was! But this week I’m skipping ahead to a private moment for Isobel when she finds  a bit of her unhappy past.

At the bottom of the box was what she wanted to find, but at the same time she wished it didn’t exist at all.

Her diary.

That hateful book where she had poured her heart out. Every pain was written in that book. Every bruise to her heart and every tear that ever slipped from her eyes.

And she knew Eli’s name was written in those pages.


Make sure you go to Six Sentence Sunday to visit more awesome sentences! Have a great week! See you here next Sunday!


5 thoughts on “SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY-July 22nd

  1. Did she know the diary was in the box? Or, was this happenstance? Sounds as if her diary conjures up memories and emotions she’d wish remained buried. Nice six!

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