I can’t believe July is almost over! Where is the summer going? The kids will be in school in less than a month! Can we have an Amen?

Okay, today I’ve decided to part from Going Going Gone and post something from my wip-currently untitled sequel to That Kind of Magic.  Heroine, Cassidy, is being stalked by her dead ex-boyfriend.

The tray slipped from her fingers, the glasses she’d been carrying smashing around her feet, spraying jagged shards everywhere. Distantly she felt several pieces nip at her legs but paid them no mind. All she could hear was Brian’s cold, dead voice.

“You’re still mine.”

As darkness overtook her, Cassidy couldn’t stop herself from crumbling to the floor. Brian’s voice followed her into the abyss.


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5 thoughts on “SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY-July 29th

  1. When you say “stalked,” was their relationship a bad split or amicable? Is he the ex-boyfriend due to his death? I’m definitely curious to read more!

  2. Stalked by her dead ex? That’s both awesome (for readers) and awful (for her). Love it!

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