Morning all,

Here’s another six from my sequel to That Kind of Magic.  Cassidy is feeling a little less frightened of her unwanted stalker from the other side.


“Go to hell, Brian,” she muttered under her breath.

Those words weren’t out of her mouth for more than a second when a soapstone candle holder flew off the shelf, sailing through the air. As it glided past her cheek, it came so close she could feel the air brush against her skin.

Cassidy gasped and fell back against the counter, catching herself before she could fall. She covered her mouth and bit back on the cry that pushed against her throat along with the raging pulse beating through her entire body.  Frantically she looked around, expecting to see Brian standing there, making a grab for something else on the shelf, but the shop was empty except for herself and the thick cold that wrapped itself around her body, threatening to smother her.

But then again….

Enjoy! I’m off to a hot and dusty county fair today!

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9 thoughts on “SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY-August 5th

  1. Loved your six sentence sunday. It’s a terrifying ghost. Check out mines. :)

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