Good morning everyone.

I’m going to continue on with the sequel to That Kind of Magic. Today we have our hero, Jarrod, who’s been sent to take care of Cassidy’s evil dead ex-boyfriend, going into Brian’s world.

Any other night, the shadowy corner would have been just that, a shadowy corner, but tonight, now the bar was empty and Brian waiting, the blackness was thick, as wide and tall as a doorway.

The door was open.

The closer Jarrod got to the opening the colder he became. His tee shirt offered little barrier between him and the icy fingers reaching out from the inky depths. But what was a little cold air when compared with what else waited for him.

Even though it looked like he’d be stepping into complete darkness, this “in between” wasn’t void of light.

A wee bit creepy. 🙂

Have a great day and make sure you get to Six Sentence Sunday for more awesomeness!



14 thoughts on “SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY-August 12th

  1. He’s walking into something very unsettling and chilling. I really like the way you set this up so that we can only guess whether Jarrod knows what he’s getting into and who will have the upper hand. Great six, Ceri!

    1. Thanks Dani. I don’t generally do creepy, and this sequel is turning out to be much darker than the first story. But it’s kind of fun to write. I’m glad you stopped in. 🙂

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