Yikes! September already? Wow, how did that happen? No complaints. I wish it could be September forever. It’s an awesome month!

This week on Six Sentence Sunday I’m sharing another six from my latest release, That Kind of Magic, which is now available for the limited time low price of $1.99 at Amazon!

In this six, our hero, Patrick, is having a pretty vivid dream.

The doe lifted her head, sniffed the air, and then in one fluid movement, leaped off the trail and back into the woods.

Patrick followed her with his gaze, but she disappeared behind twin trees. Instead of the animal emerging from the other side, the woman stepped out, her body tall and deliciously curved. He forced himself to first study her face, the flash of brown eyes, her full, ruby lips, the fall of her golden blond hair.

The witch! The realization took him by surprise, yet finding her here, in his dream forest, playing games with him, didn’t seem odd.

This is going to be some dream! If you want to read the entire thing go pick up the story!

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See you next week!


17 thoughts on “SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY-September 2nd

  1. Wow, what a great description and unexpected twist at the end. I’ve just downloaded a sample to my kindle, I suspect I’ll be adding yet another Six Sentence Sunday book to my to-read pile.

  2. Love the unexpected twists in this, and that he’s trying to be gentlemanly, even in his dreams. 😀

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