Good morning everyone! Can you believe this is the last day of September? I can’t! The trees here in New Hampshire are absolutely fantastic with bright colors. Unfortunately this doesn’t last long enough. Winter will be here way too fast.

I thought I’d start something new this week. Well, not too new. Yesterday’s Tomorrow is available with Still Moments Publishing for the awesome price of 1.99! It’s a fun short story!

When I was a kid I would’ve called it “do overs,” but as an adult, I had no clue what to label it. A rip in the fabric of time?

Too Twilight Zone for me. Lila Weidner was too straight-laced for that kind of silliness.

One evening I teetered on the brink of forty-five, middle aged and determined not to think about it. I guess my life had been successful, depending on what one would gauge success on.

Hmmm… what happens to Lila!

Make sure you check out all the other terrific sentences at Six Sentence Sunday! See you next week!





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