Wow. October already. Where has the time gone? We’ve already gone past our peak foliage, though it’s still beautiful here in New Hampshire. I’m dreading what’s in store for us next. Snow sleet cold brrrrrrrrr.

Anyway, today’s Six is from my short story, Yesterday’s Tomorrow, published and available at the low low price of 1.99 from Still Moments Publishing. Poor Lila is having a heck of a start to her morning.

“What is your problem?” The person who was not Bob asked, and her brows rose.

My problem? Where in the world did I start? I swallowed quickly and tried to speak, but my throat went unbearably dry. I croaked like a frog.


I hope everyone goes over to Six Sentence Sunday to check the other fantastic sentences!



9 thoughts on “SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY-Oct 7th

  1. Whoever the mysterious person is whom she’s speaking with…has affected her immensely. He/she makes her nervous. Good six!

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