Good Morning!

Halloween is just around the corner so I’m going to post six sentences from a work in process, Dreamer’s Sea. This story takes place in a little cottage on the coast of Maine, about a woman who’s moved into her late aunt’s cottage to research a family curse. I’m hoping by the end of 2013 this book will be finished and for sale.  Hope you enjoy!


The sweet voice brought Audrey slowly out of her sleep. The song was familiar, but the voice wasn’t like the voices she’d heard her second day at Dreamer’s Sea. Though loving, the sound, the song sent a chill straight through her. She nestled deeper under the comforter and waited until the song concluded. The wind off the ocean replaced the voice in the darkness. She kept still, waiting for something more.

I hope everyone has a terrific day and make sure you go to Six Sentence Sunday for more sentences!





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