Happy Sunday!!

Halloween is almost here! I love Halloween! Best holiday ever!  In honor of my favorite holiday, I’m going to post one more spooky  entry from my work in progress, Dreamer’s Sea.  Hope you enjoy!

She was about to do shut the door behind her and crawl under the covers when the front door of the cottage opened with such force that the jolt sent Audrey several steps backward into the hall, the shock nearly knocking her off her feet. The heavy door slammed against the wall as the storm door flung open too.

Audrey drew in a ragged breath but her heart pounded against her chest and tingles of fear and astonishment pricked every inch of her skin.

The scene before her wasn’t finished though the arguing voices did. Instead one voice cut clear through the frigid air.

“My baby my baby my baby my baby…”

Make sure you stop in at Six Sentence Sunday for a taste of lots of other great stories!

And to everyone in the path of the storm that’s coming our way, please stay safe!!! I’ll be thinking of ya’ll (I may be in the path, but I’m further north in New England, so we may not get it too bad.)

See you next week!!


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