Another month has gone by and we’re into November. All I can say is yikes! Too much to do this time of the year.

Yes, I’m doing NaNoWriMo. Again, even though I’m working on another story. I’m being brave… or crazy. Or both. But then again, most people who tackle NaNo are a bit nuts in the head.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a little bit of what I’ve done so far for my six.  And please be forewarned that none of this is edited as that’s a no no when it comes to NaNo.

She had to get away.

Becca slipped out through the kitchen, past the uniformed waiters and catering staff who’d set up shop in the big room and out the French doors to the wide terrace. She sucked in a deep breath of fresh, cool air and listened to the commotion from the kitchen. Before she could think too much about it, she headed off the terrace and down to the barn, the one place where she thought she’d get some peace.

She should’ve known this would happen, the crowd of people who probably only showed up out of curiosity, like she was some kind of freak show. Was this how her father had to live the last four years?

I think for the rest of November I’ll post my six from my NaNo project. I really hope I can make it to the end of the month and finish my 50k!!

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See ya’ll next week!


15 thoughts on “SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY-November 4th

  1. I look forward to reading more. Great start.
    NaNo–I haven’t given it a try, but both my daughters are participating in the madness this year. They’re excited and driven to compete with each other. lol This is a good thing since in the past they have chatted about writing a book, but never finished one. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up wiht!!

    1. Thanks Karen. I love doing NaNo. I’ve been doing it for years, though the past few years I’ve given up without finishing. Good luck to your daughters! A little friendly competition is great to motivate! My daughter is trying it this year too. 🙂

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