SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY-November 11, 2012


Well, we’re almost midway through NaNoWriMo now. How is everyone doing? I’m a little behind, but the story is flowing pretty well.  Today I’m posting another six from my project.

My heroine has fled the reception after her father’s funeral for the solace of the barn, but her escape hasn’t gone unnoticed and her once best friend and the man who used to love her has found her. Let’s say he’s not psyched that she’s back. After all, she broke his heart once and he hasn’t quite forgiven her.


“It’s my barn now, I guess I can go where I want,” she reminded him a little angrily.

There wasn’t a reply from Josh. She could see his tall silhouette and imagined the expression on his face.  Stone cold disapproval.

“Or did you mean that I shouldn’t be here at Willow Haven at all?”


Everyone have a great weekend! Go visit the other Six Sentence Sunday entries!


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