Last week of NaNo has arrived, so this is the last NaNo six I’ll post (but if this one turns out to be awesome and something I can go ahead with I’ll post more).

Becca and Josh were just at a cocktail party for riders, trainers and owners attending a horse show. Becca has been looking for a horse she can show and someone who can work with the last horse her father bought before he died. Despite warnings from Josh, Becca was just speaking to the woman who made her life miserable years ago. Things didn’t go so well so Josh brought her back to the hotel, but Becca is still pretty angry.

“Come on, Josh, I see it in your face–you want to say it so badly. And hell, I probably deserve it.” Becca stalked toward him, fists flexing. When she was a foot away , she stopped and looked up at him.

Irish eyes flashed and there was nothing more he wanted than grab her, wrap himself around her and kiss her like she’d never been kissed before. Logically, he didn’t want this, should back off and get the hell out before he acted on the desire.

So, I think I know where this story is going to go, though it’s not what I started out thinking. But that’s the beauty of it! Now if only I can get my 50k written before the end of the week!

I’m at 36k right now, so I have a shot.

Remember to go over to Six Sentence Sunday for more awesome sentences!


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