So, I made it through NaNo and managed to finish. Now I have to just let the story sit in a folder for a while. I can’t go and edit as soon as I finish writing. I hit overload too quickly.

Now it’s December and I’m moving onto one of my oldest stories, Sweet Forever, for today’s SSS offering.


Torn between the home she loves and the man she’s falling in love with, Hayden must decide which one she will leave behind.

When Hayden Merrick travels to meet her grandmother for the first time, she doesn’t expect to find the father who abandoned her or a man who could prove to be the love of her life.

There hadn’t been much time for romance in Ben Winslow’s life and no woman has interested him enough until Hayden arrived at his neighbor’s home. As soon as he meets her, Ben believes she could be the woman he’s always hoped for, but he has to convince her life could be just as sweet on the prairie as on the coast.

Hayden’s plans to return to her home are put on hold as she struggles with a difficult decision—pursue a life in South Dakota or return to the one she’s loved at the edge of the ocean? Ben hopes he can give her the best of both worlds.

She stood on tiptoe, the mild friction of the movement setting fire to every nerve in her body. She touched her lips shyly to his, feeling their dryness. Yet they were smooth and firm. Boldly, she pressed harder. She could feel the slow intake of Ben’s breath against her mouth as she touched her hands to his tight shoulders.

Please kiss me back, she begged silently, moving her mouth over his, searching for a response from him, some kind of indication that her kiss was welcome.

Make sure you get over to Six Sentence Sunday to check out more sentences! Hope everyone has a great week!


11 thoughts on “SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY-Dec 2nd

  1. Nicely done, Ceri! The intimacy of the scene is made more poignant by her need to know he will reciprocate, and by the fact that there can be much more between them if he does.

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