Six Sentence Sunday-Dec. 9th

I hate colds. They totally ruin a weekend, and I don’t have enough weekends between now and Christmas to get things done. Not that I’m ever ready for Christmas. I have an annoying habit of waiting til the last minute to do everything. So, a butt-kicking cold isn’t helping.

Well, it’s Sunday yet again. Not too many of them left for the year. Of course, if you believe in all the rumors we may not have a new year. So, who thinks the world is going to “end” on December 21st? Raise your hands!  I was kicking myself the other day, wishing I’d written a story of that fateful day and what happens after it. Too late now, but that would have been fun, even if it had been a short story.

Anyway, today’s six sentences are from Sweet Forever. Last week Hayden kissed Ben, hoping that he’d give her some indication that her kiss was welcome.  Here’s the next six from that scene.  Enjoy!

Ben rescued her frantic mind, though, when he put his arms around her and joined her in the kiss. His lips went from hard to soft yet insistent. She sensed that he held his breath. Her fingers skimmed the back of his neck and ran through his short hair as she pressed herself closer to him.

A tremor ran through his body as she let the tip of her tongue trace the bottom of his lip. She could sense his uncertainty, but with the way his body trembled and the way his hands raked up her sides, she knew he withheld tremendous energy.

Everyone have a terrific Sunday! Make sure you get over to Six Sentence Sunday to visit the other authors. See you next weekend!


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