The year is almost over. It was a busy one, lots of good stuff happened, like self publishing two books, publishing 2 books with Still Moments Publishing and being offered contracts on two other books with Soul Mate Publishing. As far as writing and publishing goes, I don’t think I could have asked for a more productive year.

I do have big plans for 2013. By the end of January, I plan on having one more story self published and I’ll be working on a short story. I have other areas I want to delve into as well. More on that later.

Today, I’m carrying on with the story sentences I posted the past two weeks.

Our heroine, Lucy, is back on her father’s ranch. We find out that he’s asked her to come back to help care for her young half-siblings. Today we’re going to learn something about Lucy’s step-mom.

“What are you doing to find Suellen?”

A long string of cusses erupted from her father’s mouth. Nothing Lucy hadn’t heard before. “Why the hell would I want to do something like that? That woman hasn’t been anything but a useless bitch since the first. Good God damned riddance.”

Well….. why doesn’t he tell Lucy how he really feels?

I’ll see about posting more next week, or maybe I’ll start with something fresh for the new year.

Thanks for stopping in! And make sure you go visit the other sentences featured on Six Sentence Sunday!


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