How many people do it? *Raising hand* I admit I do-to a certain point.  There are some books that I won’t pick up because of their cover. I don’t know if I should mention those types because I don’t want to offend anyone.

I’m not saying that the covers aren’t well done, I just don’t like the style. In fact, I’m more likely to pick up a book that has a cover that might not be done extremely well then one that is professionally made but in a style I don’t like.

The reason why I’m bringing this up is because I’m in the middle of designing my own cover for an upcoming release and I got to admit it’s driving me a little bit crazy. I designed covers for Finally Home and That Kind of Magic, and I’m content with them though they’re a similar style. For my next book I wanted something different. Something a little more challenging.

Maybe someday I’ll be able to afford to get a professional cover (unless I get good at making my own), but until then I’ll bang my head over Paintshop Pro until I come up with a cover I’m proud of.

So, what do you think? Do you judge a book by its cover? Do you bypass a book if you don’t like the cover? What DO you like in a cover? Good looking models? Pretty scenery? Bold colors or something subtle? Cartoon characters? 

What don’t you like?

Share your opinions. I’m curious!



  1. I do judge a book by it’s cover, well, I’ll pick it up if the cover interests me. Which is unfortunate as I wouldn’t be picking mine up :). I like anything with blues on it…I know, pretty basic, but I’d say (looking at my shelves) that 50% of my books are some kinda shade of blue. So that’s me — if you want me to buy your book, makes it blue LOL!

  2. Great post, Cerian! I won’t even look at cartoon covers. lol I will consider most books to some extent, but if a cover is done badly–I’m talking giraffe characters and yes, I actually won a free book that had this feature on the cover! The writing WAS as bad as the cover suggested even though the premise wasn’t half bad… UGH!– I won’t touch it again. But honestly, if the cover doesn’t grab me, I probably don’t read the blurb or open the book.

  3. I hate to say it but the cover is one of the first things to draw me in or keep me moving. I don’t know what it is about a cover that I like, I just know it when I see it. From the cover I look at the title and then read the back cover blurb…there’s a lot in the process of buying a book. lol

    I can definitely tell you though that I don’t like books with cartoon characters on the cover! lol

    Good luck with your new cover!!!

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