Well, thank you Mr. Punxsutawney Phil for not seeing your shadow today. I appreciate it. Especially after the crazy cold weather we’ve been having lately (with the odd spurt of spring in the form of 50+ degree weather and lots of wind and rain).

Anyway, welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors! Each Sunday we’re going to post eight sentences from a current release, or something that’s in the works. It pretty much runs on the same lines as Six Sentence Sunday. Except we can use 8 sentences.

Today I’m going to post from my Amazon release That Kind of Magic. Here’s what it’s about:

newtkom1bWhat’s a witch to do when she refuses to use magic to find love? What if she falls in lust with a man who doesn’t believe in the power of magic? Charlotte is a beautiful Wiccan who has her own shop of magical supplies and a matchmaking goddess. Patrick is a straight-laced, non-believer who, in his determination to keep his sister away from the influences of magic and witchcraft, finds himself falling for a witch. Neither can stop the erotic journey they’ve embarked on but they don’t know if they can accept each other’s very different lives.

That Kind of Magic is available for Kindles for the awesome price of only .99 cents!! Can’t beat that!  Just go HERE for your copy!

And now for my eight sentences!  Enjoy!


You’re not getting away from me this time.” Damn it, he was tired of the games, of the starts and stops and going through each day wanting to go back to the dream forest. No, he wanted her, and he meant to have her.

“Getting away?” Charlotte stopped and turned back to him. She leaned against the trunk of a tree and drew her leg up so her foot rested on the rough surface, echoing her pose from the first night. She had to know what her seductive pose did to his body. “I have no desire to get away.”

Hope you enjoyed it!  Make sure you head over to Weekend Writing Warriors for more awesome authors! And remember, That Kind of Magic is only .99 cents!

See you next week!


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