HUMP DAY HOOK-Wednesday Feb 6th


humpdayhookWelcome to Wednesday! Halfway through the week. Thank goodness, though I’ve been dealing with flu or something like that.


This week I’m going back to That Kind of Magic for my hook. I’ll continue on in that scene.

Last week Charlotte was in the middle of a very sexy dream with Patrick…. or is it a dream? Hmmm….

“I have no desire to get away.”

In fact, she pushed away from the tree and closed the few feet between them. She placed a hand on each side of his face and circled her thumb against his jaw. The way she drank him in with her gaze increased the already crazy tempo of his heart. “I’m tired of the games, too, Patrick.”

Patrick dipped his head down and caught her mouth against his before she could say another word. He’d expected a slow burn at the feel of her smooth, firm lips against his, but instead he got a flare-up that raged more like a mountain wild fire. He wrapped his arms around her bare body and pulled her against his chest, slid his tongue between her sweet, full lips, and fed off her drugging urgency.

She made him feel like a desperate teenager, hungry to feel every part of her body, as if this were the first time. Reining in the pulsing desire was hard work. Charlotte suckled on his bottom lip and slid her hands down his back and over his butt, pulling at him so his hips pressed tightly against hers. There could be absolutely no doubt in his mind where this would lead this time, and he had no inclination to stop it. It was his dream after all. He would take everything she had to offer and give her everything in his power to provide.

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